Public transportation

And how to use it

Public transportation

And how to use it

Public transportation options in Hua Hin are a little limited, if compared to a city like Bangkok, but they do exist. This post tells you what kinds of transportation is available, how to use them and how much should you expect to pay for them.


Instead of buses, Hua Hin has songthaews. These things are those pick-up trucks that have been modified to include a passenger compartment in the back, and function much like buses. They run a fixed route, and you can hop in and hop off anytime you please - unlike buses, there are no designated stops.

Songthaews are cheap - one ride will cost you around 10 - 20 baht. See the Songthaew map for route info and a more detailed guide on how to use them.


You have seen these before - the three-wheeled funny-looking taxis pictured in the photo above. These can be found in great numbers in the Bintabaht area, and other popular touristy spots around town. They will take you anywhere, but note that when you are returning back from your destination, it may be much more difficult to get one!

Tuk-tuks are easy to use - just tell the driver where you’re going, he will give you the price, you hop in, hold on and enjoy the ride. When you reach your destination, pay the driver the price you agreed and you’re done.

Motorcycle taxis

Cheap taxi option for traveling short distances, motorcycle taxis can be found around the town center, like tuk-tuks. These are used the same way; you tell the driver where you’re going, he’ll tell you the price, you sit on the cycle and the driver will take you to your destination as fast as possible. If you don’t get into an accident along the way, you’ll pay the driver and you’re done.

Motorcycle taxis are considered the most dangerous option - accidents happen, be aware of this before you decide to take the ride. You may also get fined by the police if you are not wearing a helmet. The locals use these only for short trips, or if there is no other option available.

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