Hua Hin Songthaew Map

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Note: the routes marked on the map might not correlate 100% with the actual route the songthaew takes - it should still give you a accurate-enough idea of where each line goes, so you can plan your journey accordingly.

There’s a total of four songthaew routes in Hua Hin: The green line goes along the main road from airport to Khao Takiab, the red line runs a circle around town center, the orange line runs almost parallel to green line through the back road (canal road), and finally the blue line takes a really long route from railway station to Wat Huay Mongkol.


Green line: Khao Takiab - Airport

Marked on the map with green color.

This route is actually split into two - northern and southern portion, with songthaews terminating near the Night Market. If you want to go all the way from Airport to Khao Takiab, you’ll need to change cars halfway.

The line runs every 15 minutes, and it’s songthaews can be recognized by their green color. Price is 10 baht from 6 am - 7 pm, and 15 baht after 7 pm.

The line operates from 6 AM to 9 PM Mondays through Thursdays, and from 6 AM to 10 PM on Fridays to Sundays.

Red line: City center

Marked on the map with dark red (line A) and red (line B) colors.

This line runs two loops around the city center. The cars are painted white with red text. Both lines start and end at Pae Mai Market.

Line A tours in the western side of railroad, before returning to main road and continuing on the common route.

Line B goes stays mostly at the main road, doing two u-turns at soi 116 and 112 before returning to common route.

Common route goes along the main road, to Soi 55, through Naebkehardt Road to Soi 41, from where it will return to Pae Mai.

Price is a fixed 10 baht, no matter how long your journey is. Operating hours are from 7 AM to 9 PM daily.

Orange line: Makro - Bonkai

Marked on the map with orange color.

This route takes you mostly through the back roads all the way to Soi 94. The line goes through Pae Mai market, Chat Chai market, Night Market and Grand Night Market. The popular shopping malls Blúport and Market Village are also easily reachable by this line.

Cars are painted orange, and the price is 10 or 20 baht depending on the length of your journey (+5 baht after 5 PM). Operating hours are from 6 AM to 10 PM.

Blue line: Railway Station - Wat Huay Mongkol

Marked on the map with blue color.

Starting from the railway station, this line continues to the main road, drives south until taking the turn west after Blúport mall. The car then detours to Sam Phan Nam Floating Market (not currently shown on map) before continuing to Wat Huay Mongkol, and then turns back toward the starting point.

Cars are white with blue text. The line runs daily from 8 AM until 4 PM. Price varies between 10-40 baht, depending on how long you travel.

How to Use Songthaews?

Songthaews function much like local buses, except they don’t have designated stops - you can hop in and hop off as you please.

They can seem a bit confusing if you’ve never used them before (I know I was confused at first), so I prepared this handy guide for beginning songthaew commuters:

  1. Wait at the side of the road for the songthaew. Make sure you are standing on the correct side of the road according to your destination. Be careful with the traffic.
  2. Flag down the songthaew when you see it approaching; stretch out your arm clearly so the driver can see. There are several lines in Hua Hin, identified by the colors of the trucks - see the guide below. If you are unsure, tell the driver where you’re going or a landmark near your destination - if he’s going that way, he will nod or say something like “khap, khap!
  3. Board the songthaew. Either sit down on the bench or stand, depending where you fit. If it seems too full, you can just step out, wave the driver away and wait for the next songthaew. Note that if you are sitting on the bench, be polite and give your seat to any elderly/monks/pregnant women that may board after you.
  4. Enjoy the ride. Do your best to relax a bit and enjoy the warm wind blowind in your face.
  5. Stop the ride. Press the buzzer button when you want to stop. If the truck you boarded isn’t equipped with buzzers, knock the wall of driver’s cabin to let him know you want to get out. The driver will stop as soon as possible.
  6. Pay the driver. Prepare a 10 baht coin or 20 baht bill(s) and hand it to the driver through the passenger-side window. He’ll give you the change and you have just completed your first songthaew ride!

If you’re feeling a bit unsure, observe what the locals do - learn by example!

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