Renting a car or motorcycle

Don't just walk

As an informed traveler, you have probably heard that Thailand holds the number 1 position in traffic deaths and accidents in the world. This fact is pretty evident for even the casual observer of Thai traffic culture.

So, should you rent a car and hop in to the traffic?

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Public transportation

And how to use it

Public transportation options in Hua Hin are a little limited, if compared to a city like Bangkok, but they do exist. This post tells you what kinds of transportation is available, how to use them and how much should you expect to pay for them.

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And an intro to Hua Hin

This blog is dedicated to all things Hua Hin (and a bit of neighbouring towns), the popular resort town in Thailand, just three-hour drive south from the capital Bangkok.

If you are looking for a winter getaway, a place to spend a night or two on your Thailand journey, or even a place to stay for longer, or are just curious, keep reading.

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